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I  - On animal electricity, 3 April (1792)

II (A) -  On animal electricity : part one

II (B) -  Our new experiments on animal electrycity

III - Second memoir: On animal electricity, 14th May 1792

IV - Addittion to the second memoir animal electricity, 1972

V - Journal of Experiments on the Electroscopic Sensitivity of Frogs, April 20 -- May 5, 1792

cap. 6

VII - Reply To The Questions Of Abbot Tommaselli, Summer 1792.

VIII (A) - Two Letters To Martin Van Marum, Como, 30 August 1792

VIII (B) - Two Letters To Martin Van Marum

IX - New Observations On Animal Electricity, November 1792

X - Third Paper On Animal Electricity, Included In Several Letters

XI - Observationum Circa Electricitatem Animalem Specimen 1792 (End)

XII (A)  - First Letter 13 September 1792

XII (B) - Second Letter 25 October 1792

XII (D) - Continuation (as a Paper)

XIII  - Letter to Sir Joseph Banks President of the Royal Society, London - Pavia, 30 March 1795

XIV (C)  - On animal electricity, Como, 27 october 1795

XIV (D) - Fourth Letter, Pavia, 20 December, 1795

XIV (E) - Fifth Letter to prof. Anton Maria Vassalli, Como, Autumn 1795

XV  - Letter to Orazio Delfico, Pavia, 13 April 1795

XVI (A) - Letters to Prof. Francesco Mocchetti

XVI (B1) - Second letter, August 1795

XVI (B2) - Second Fragment of The 2nd Letter to Mochetti [E 38g"A]

XVI (B3) - 3rd Fragment of the 2nd letter to Mocchetti

XVI (B4) -  4th Fragment of the 2nd letter to Mocchetti

XVI (B5) -  5th Fragment of the 2nd letter to Mocchetti

XVII - Letter To Anton Maria Vassalli, Pavia, 29 January 1796

XVIII (A) - Extract of Letter from Professor Volta to Professor Gren of Halle

XVIII (B) - Letter II. Written, as a Continuation of the Preceding One, By Citizen A. Volta Professor of Physics in The University of Pavia, Etc. to Prof. Gren

XVIII (C) - Letter III by Alessandro Volta Professor in Pavia to Professor Gren of Halle on the Same Subject

XVIII (D) - Fragments from Notes and Results of Experiments on the Electromotive Force Oof Contact Made Between Small Plates, 1797 1799

XIX (A) - Memoir on the electricity excited by mutual contact between even the most perfect conductors

XIX (B) - 

XX (A) - 

XX (B) - 

XXI (A) - Draft of Letter to Prof. Brugnatelli, Como, 19 Oct. 1798

XXX -